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Spirit D Group great design is about cultivating client relationships where creativity can flourish. It's about listening to and collaborating with clients to understand their needs and their objectives -and then coming up with design solutions that are unique and meaningful and goes beyond their expectations every time. It's about striving and not settling. It's about upping the artistic ante and creating something that packs an emotional wallop- but it's a wallop backed up with empirical knowledge, solid engineering and detailed execution. It's less about big talk and more about philosophy and big ideas, ideas that resonate within the hearts, the minds and the eyes of the clients and their constituents.
With an uncompromising integrity fusing both interior and architectural design, increasingly Spirit D Group is briefed by clients to offer a design solution covering both facets of the design process. With nearly twenty-two years of global design experience in residential and commercial developments, the team of architects and interior designers attained the international level being one of the promoting teams in the Arab and gulf countries. It’s simply a story of style and substance.
At Spirit D Group any presentation for the clients is well thought, keenly worked and conceptualized.
The interior design department offers clients integrated design solutions, balancing a keen sense of aesthetics with technical know-how and an understanding of how people experience interior space. Spirit D Group is committed to strong working relationships with clients and colleagues based on trust and mutual respect, understanding that every client is unique and the design should address this individuality.
Designed to be a landmark in its location, the distinguished building reflects its original purpose as a furniture showroom through large glass openings revealing the displayed furniture.
Spirit D Group believes that research is a blend of art and science. It is what they do every day -they design, they create, they invent. It is problem solving, with a purpose. It is creative and powerful. Most importantly, it is driven by a deeper understanding of opportunities -by researching and understanding each community.
Serving a commercial use the building is pertinent with its distinctive façade. The philosophy behind this innovative design is a simple elementary object used in the old and classic furniture which is the nail; if we try to open a box full of nails they will fall chaotically and that was the main design idea for the external façade.
At Spirit D Group the mission is defined clearly with a focus on quality-ever mindful that the ultimate measure of quality is always client satisfaction. As a quality leader, they seek to serve other quality leaders, working continuously to advance the state-of-the-art, contributing to the built environment and quality of life of the people whom they create living and working spaces. In every case, their goal is to build a long-term relationship based on clients’ confidence and trust in their performance.
Having built solid bonds with Arab and Gulf countries, Spirit D Group expanded its projects to the heartwarming Oman, with a keen sense of aesthetics, exceptional technical knowhow and deep understanding of how the people who will live in the project will experience its interior space.
Ideal in the morning time with the soothing light highlighting the luxurious interior design details that instantly switches to a romantic mode at nighttime, the featured project by Spitir D Group makes perfect use of interior space to make your house a home.
The project’s clean lines give a zen feel and a modern touch to this architectural structure, which fits perfectly in today’s world. Located in a vibrant, prestigious neighborhood by the beach and possessing an airy interior, it gives all the advantages of a private retreat with inner connectedness.