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After the deep green buildings era, the mainstream architecture is adopting poyward organic forms.free-form desin is on the attack. More liberated and imaginative forms, unacceptable to major corporate clients a few years ago, are now activelu sought...
This private residence modeled by Maroon Breidy and his team at spirit D group studio comes as the perfect translation of “back to the roots”, the roots of fluid shapes, shapes in motion with human activity.
The project renounces the application of a structure in the traditional sense. Instead, the space is filled with a 3-dimensional lightweight sculpture, solely based on minimal surface tension, freely stretching between wall and ceiling and floor.
Maroon Breidy and his team used latest digital technologies from concept-sketch to realization, to create a flowing atmosphere to this residence’s interior;
knowing that straight lines are strange to nature and to the human body, they simply took back the interior living to the roots of fluid shapes.
The fluidity of the interior comes also through the neutral colors, the light gray and white away from vibrant notes revealing a serene and calm atmosphere, where homeowners will feel in a constant relaxation and meditation mood.